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About Us

Fladger Associates is the nation's most trusted executive search and staffing company. Since 1992, we have been matching highly trained candidates with great opportunities at top firms, including Fortune 500 companies.

Cutting-Edge Research

Cutting-edge research requires the best minds in the industry. We fill a wide range of positions, from laboratory technicians to medical doctors who can provide safety monitoring for drug trials. Pharmaceutical research and drug development are our specialties, but we have worked with a wide variety of industries over the course of our careers, including:

• Banking
• Insurance
• Finance
• Construction
• Health Care
• Medical Technology
• IT
• Academia

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Fladger Associates. It's not just about using recycled paper. Every aspect of our business is designed with our carbon footprint in mind. Our thermostats are on timers, and we use green energy from solar power. Even our lightbulbs, flooring, and phone systems are geared for sustainability in order to ensure a bright future.

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